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CU1 Cutting Wheel


Quantity Discounts

1 to 9$49.28
10 or more$41.89
  • Dominion Lock
    • 125
    • 125A
    • 126
    • 126M
    • 136
    • 136D
    • 146
    • 146D
  • HPC
    • 9120RM
    • 9220RM
  • Ilco
    • 022
    • 027
    • 027A
  • Taylor
    • KD1
    • KD1A
    • KD5
    • KD6
    • KD6AG
    • KD8
    • KD9


  • Applications shown above are to be used as a guide only.
  • Although the applications shown above will fit those that are listed, there may be similar models that use different cutting wheels.
    • To ensure you buy the correct cutting wheel, we strongly recommend comparing dimensions of your current cutting wheel with the dimensions we show above.
    • Always purchase the part number that is on your current cutting wheel.
      This number is sometimes UNDER the washer and nut that holds the cutter to the machine.
  • You must order the cutting wheel that is designed for your machine for it to operate correctly.

Manufacturer Info

  • Various key machine manufacturers may call this cutting wheel by a different part number. 
    Some examples are:

    • HPC CW23RM
    • Ilco CU1, 027A-40, BC0104XXXX


  • Milling type cutter.
  • High Speed Steel. (H.S.S.)
  • Click the image above to view cutter dimensions.
  • Key machine parts are not returnable.

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