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OMC, # 72


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1 to 2$14.95
3 to 5$12.95
6 or more$9.95
Product Details
  • Fits many boat locks by:
    Johnson Outboard
    OMC (Outboard Motor Company

    Misc. boating applications
    with keys stamped 72.
  • Nickel plated brass with black plastic head.
  • Same groove pattern on both sides.
  • Precut.  No duplication necessary.
OMC Key Facts
  • Fits most boats with #72 stamped on shaft of key as shown in picture above.
  • Less than 50 in stock. 
    • We have been looking to replenish stock since 2007 with no success. 
    • As of 2010, there is no exact aftermarket equivalent of this blank available.  If this blank is not made, your next option is to replace the switch assembly.
      Nearly impossible to find.
  • Compare your key with the one shown above.  The groove pattern AND cuts of the key should match EXACTLY.
    Most OMC keys with the number 72 stamped on them are this blank.

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