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P-X23MC Cutting Wheel


Quantity Discounts

1 to 9$88.64
10 or more$75.34
  • Cole
    • 200
    • 3K
    • 3000
  • Dominion Lock
    • 143M
    • 145
    • 145M
    • 148M
  • HPC
    • 9160MC
    • 9170MC
    • 9180MC
  • Ilco
    • 023
    • 025
    • 045
    • 045HD
  • Taylor
    • 143MT
    • 145
    • 145MT


  • Applications shown above are to be used as a guide only.
  • Although the applications shown above will fit those that are listed, there may be similar models that use different cutting wheels.
    • To ensure you buy the correct cutting wheel, we strongly recommend comparing dimensions of your current cutting wheel with the dimensions we show above.
    • Always purchase the part number that is on your current cutting wheel.
      This number is sometimes UNDER the washer and nut that holds the cutter to the machine.
  • You must order the cutting wheel that is designed for your machine for it to operate correctly.

Manufacturer Info

  • Various key machine manufacturers may call this cutting wheel by a different part number. 
    Some examples are:

    • Cole 2277
      Some original Cole cutters have a letter after the part number. 
      This wheel has been reported to work with original Cole cutters having a letter after the part number.  Two examples would be 2277B and 2277N.  Before making this purchase, compare dimensions of your current cutting wheel with the dimensions we show above to determine if this wheel will work with your machine.
    • HPC CW23MC
    • Ilco P-X23MC, BC0089XXXX
    • Taylor CU12


  • Milling type cutter.
  • Titanium nitride coated High Speed Steel. (H.S.S.)
  • Click the image above to view cutter dimensions.
  • Key machine parts are not returnable.

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