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Futura Pro
One machine cuts all three keys by direct code, indirect code or duplication. Futura is one remarkable machine, equipped with ground breaking technology that offers multiple solutions for today’s key cutting requirements.  Futura is the most innovative, groundbreaking, and advanced electronic key cutting machine available today. Ultramodern in design and engineered to the highest quality standards; assuring you of accurate, precise cutting of a variety of key styles on one amazing machine.  One machine can provide you with capabilities for edge cut, laser, dimple, cruciform, tubular, and Tibbe style keys.  Standard cutters and jaws cover over 90% of edge cut and laser style keys on the market today. Optional accessories are available to expand with your market needs.

RW4 Plus
The RW4 PLUS is a performance packed, stand-alone cloning device that is designed for the professional. It is compact, portable and does not require a PC, internet connection or additional software. The RW4 PLUS lets you take control of Texas Instruments (TI) and Philips encrypted code and fixed code transponder keys. When the RW4 PLUS is utilized in conjunction with Ilco® electronic keys, you can eliminate the two master (original) key requirements for “on-board” programming.

The TKO Complete comes standard with all available software at the time pre-loaded on the unit. The TKO Select comes standard with software for the most popular vehicles.  TKO is the solution for servicing vehicles when all keys have been lost, cannot be cloned or the manufacturer doesn’t allow programming keys through On-Board Programming.  TKO will easily add and delete keys for many manufacturer’s cars. It will also read the number of keys in memory and reset key related error codes. In addition, the TKO has an OBDII port location database built in.

Transponder Detection
In mere seconds the compact hand held TD3AII unit quickly detects transponders and electronic circuit boards that are concealed within the heads of many of today's automotive keys.
Having this knowledge helps you to correctly select and cut the proper key.  The TD3AII detects the presence of transponders or electronic circuit boards contained in the heads of automotive keys.

VATS System
The VATS Key Reader enables you to identify the GM patented PASS automotive security system keys. 
It’s as simple as 1-2-3!

1. Insert customer’s key into the reader to determine resistor value

2. Select blank with same grooves and resistor value

3. Duplicate the key

Made with Pride in the U.S.A.

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