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June 16th, 2016
We will no longer be stocking KW1, SC1, SC4 and M1 in the 250 bulk boxes.  All orders for the blanks listed above will be sold in the 50 pack boxes.

May 25, 2016

Issue.  Common key blanks are out of stock for long periods of time.
Resolution.  We are now stocking JMA brand keys to meet our customers needs when ILCO is out of stock on certain key blanks.  JMA manufactures quality key blanks using similar materials as the ILCO brand you have purchased from us in the past.  The blanks we send depends on current inventory.

The following JMA part numbers (in parenthesis) will be substituted for the ILCO brand as needed:
  • 1570 (FO-36)
  • 1866-10 (PUN-1D)
  • 1866-13 (PUN-2D)
  • B57 (ISU-2)
  • B87 (KEN-2D)
  • B92 (GM-36E)
  • B97-PT5 (TP05GM-27.P)
  • CG1 (CHI-2E)
  • CO87 (COR-8E)
  • CO88 (COR-9E)
  • CR105 (RUS-13D)
  • H92-PT (TP33FO-30D.P)
  • H94-PT (TP33FO-24.P)
  • HD106-PT5 (TP05HOND-21.P)
  • HR2 (TE-7DE)
  • HO01-SVC (HOND-31)
  • HU66-P (HU-HAA.P1)
  • HY15 (HY-13D)
  • HY20-PT (TP12HY-18.P)
  • IL1 (ILL-1)
  • L1 (LWO-4DE)
  • MIT12-PT (TP26MIT-12.P2)
  • MZ17 (MAZ-19D)
  • MZ19 (MAZ-17D)
  • NI01T (TP19DAT-15.P3)
  • NI02T (TP19DAT-15.P4)
  • O1007HA (SAR-56)
  • S22 (SAR-7E)
  • T7 (TAY-3E)
  • TOY48BT4 (TP07TOYO-30.P)
  • WK2 (WES-1DE)
  • Y160-PT (TP21CHR-15.PG)
  • Y164-PT (TP12CHR-15.PC)
  • Y170-PT (TP12CHR-15.P1)
  • ZD24RDP (ZA-9-P1)
October 22, 2015
Issue.  We have found customers with outdated versions of their browser cannot successfully purchase product or checkout.
Resolution.  Installing the current version of your browser will fix the issue.

We take internet security seriously.  We update our sites periodically to not only make it function better, but also to keep it secure. 
A list of popular browsers are listed below.  If you are having issues, or just want to get the latest version, check it out.

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