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FIC, Precut Keys

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  • Keys come precut, ready to use.
  • We can cut most FIC keys with code numbers between:
    • CF301-CF351
    • EF301-EF351
    • HF301-HF351
  • Your key will be cut on an Ilco FIC3 key blank, shown above on the left.
  • How to order keys.
    • Click Select Your Key Number from the drop down menu above and choose the key number you need.
  • If you have keys, a cheaper option is to order FIC uncut blanks found at the bottom of this page and have them duplicated locally.
  • Your keys are GUARANTEED to work.
    Please note:
    • Confirm the number you are ordering is the number on your key or lock. 
    • Make sure the lock is properly lubricated and mechanically sound.
    • If the lock was previously changed to a different key code, these keys will not work.
    • These keys are Not Returnable.
  • Please note:
    • We will only ship these to the billing address of the credit card.
    • You are purchasing these with the understanding that these are for your personal property and/or equipment.
    • If these keys are not for your personal use, property, or equipment, DO NOT BUY THEM.

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