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  • Your key will be cut on the Ilco FIC3 key blank, shown above on the left.
  • Use this service if you:
    • have no working keys now.
    • lost your keys.
    • have no one in your area who duplicates keys.
    • want the convenience of using them out of the package.
  • If you have keys, the cheaper option is to order the FIC uncut blanks found at the bottom of this page and have them duplicated locally.
  • How to order keys.
    • Click Select Your Key Number from the drop down menu above and choose the number that is on your key. 
      Disregard the first two letters on your key which should be CF, EF, or HF. 
      Example:  Order 301 for keys stamped CF301, EF301, or HF301.
  • Keys come precut, ready to use.
  • From our master ring of FIC original keys, we can cut most FIC keys with code numbers between:
    • CF301-CF351
    • EF301-EF351
    • HF301-HF351
  • Please note:
    • We will only ship these to the billing address of the credit card.
    • You are purchasing these with the understanding that these are for your personal property and/or equipment.
    • These are not for resale.
    • If these keys are not for your personal use, property, or equipment, DO NOT BUY THEM.
    • No phone orders on this key, as we must capture your I.P. address for verification upon checkout.
  • Your keys are GUARANTEED to work.
    Please note:
    • Confirm the number you are ordering is the number on your key or lock.
    • Make sure the lock is properly lubricated and mechanically sound.
    • If the lock was previously changed to a different key code, these keys will not work.
    • These keys are Not Returnable.

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