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Silca Twister II


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Silca Twister II high security key cutting machine
Twister II provides an economical solution to duplicating a variety of keys on one machine. Easy to use, reliable, compact, and built to last; the Twister II offers convenience, accuracy and precision assured by the combination of the functional features listed below.

With the modest price point, and a higher re-sell price of the keys that the Twister II will duplicate, you can quickly offset the purchase price of this machine.
  • Two axis movement on ball guides for smooth, easy operation without play.
  • Spring loaded tracer point guides and facilitates self-centering of cuts on dimple keys.
  • Wide transparent safety shield minimizes exposure to moving parts and chips during operation.
  • LED light illuminates working area.
  • Tracer point adjustment ensures perfect depth alignment and provides for adjustment to worn keys.
  • Lockable carriage for cutting dimple keys and prevents movement during transport.
  • Replaceable jaw surface plates provide an economical repair solution for normal vise jaw wear.
  • Master safety switch with separate cutter motor switch.
  • Quiet cutting cycle.
  • Standard accessories include a HSS 2.5mm cutter and tracer for laser keys and a HSS .65mm cutter and tracer for dimple keys.
  • Optional cutters, tracers, and accessories expand capabilities.
  • Light weight, compact design with a small footprint.
  • Designed and produced to CE mark European standards.
  • Key machines are NOT RETURNABLE.
    If you have any questions, please ask before making your purchase.
This key cutting machine is good for duplicating high security keys, including:
  • External track car keys
  • Fichet type keys*
  • Flat Dimple keys
  • High Security car keys
  • Internal track car keys
  • Laser cut car keys
  • Sidewinder type car keys
  • Tubular keys*
  • *with optional accessories
  • 120VAC-50/60Hz.
  • Weighs 53 pounds.
  • Measures 14.6" High X 9.8" Wide X 14.6" Deep.
Choosing a key cutting machine
  • Manually Operated Key Machines.
    Easy to use
    The operator is hands on from start to finish while cutting the key.
    After loading the original key and the blank key, the operator is required to push the key up into the tracer/cutter and to slide it
    back and forth to duplicate the key. 
  • Semi Automatic Operated Key Machines.
    Easier to Use
    The operator is hands on from start to finish while cutting the key.
    After loading the original key and the blank, the operated releases the spring loaded carriage and traces the key using a lever.
    Unlike a manually operated key machine, the operator does not have to push the key up into the cutter as the spring loaded
    carriage does this for you.  Semi automatic key machines also use a lever to control the side to side cutting action is much easier on the hands.
  • Automatically Operated Key Machines.
    Easiest to Use.
    After loading the original key and the blank, the operator presses a button and the machine takes over to cut the key automatically.
    The operator is only required to load the original key and the blank key and to press a button to start the key cutting process.


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