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GTHT49C, Transponder


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Honda Cloning Solution

Ilco ID49 is the only solution available on the market for cloning ID49 transponders used on certain Honda® models manufactured from 2014. The solution allows to duplicate a wide range of keys easily identified by the letter ‘G’ engraved on the blade and equipped with a 96 bit NXP Hitag® 3 transponder.

Free software update for RW4 Plus & Ilco EZ®-Clone Plus
The solution is available with a simple software update of the RW4 Plus and Ilco EZ®-Clone Plus to the 04.09.094 version. The solution is not available for RW4 + Plus Box and Ilco EZ®-Clone + Plus Box. The M-Box is not needed for ID49 cloning.

U-Snoop to detect data from the immobilizer
For certain vehicles, the U-Snoop is needed to detect data directly from the car immobilizer unit.

Universal device
U-Snoop can substitute the Snoop and M-Snoop devices, used in the Ilco ID46 and Ilco ID48 Solutions respectively.

New T49C & GTHT49C transponder
The T49C transponder required in the Ilco ID49 Solution is compatible with Look-Alike™ shells and Modular
Blade System.

Cloning & precoding
The Ilco ID49 Solution allows you to clone and precode 96 bit NXP Hitag® 3 transponders for a subsequent
programming with a diagnostic device like the Advanced Diagnostics Smart Pro™.

Familiar process
You can clone T49C transponders in exactly the same, familiar way you clone other Ilco transponders


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