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Orion KD50C


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Orion KD50C Semi-Automatic Operated Key Machine
Heavy Duty.  Semi-Automatic Key Cutting Machine.

An operators “dream machine”, the KD50C is superbly engineered with numerous features to deliver quick results with exceptional precision and accuracy.

With the KD50C, just a flip of the carriage lever lets the operator duplicate a key with unbelievable speed and ease in as little as 5 seconds. This model duplicates standard type residential, commercial, padlock and automotive keys quickly and accurately - without adapters!

  • Wide spacing between vise jaws accommodates longer blade keys and large bow (head) keys
  • Precision machined, 2-position vise jaws are designed to securely grip virtually any cylinder key…including double sided “thin blades”
  • Convenient “ratchet style” vise jaw handles
  • Cutter motor activation automatically controlled by raising and lowering the carriage
  • Spring loaded key gauge automatically releases as the carriage is raised
  • Spring loaded carriage provides consistent cutting pressure thus reducing the potential for mis-cuts; ideal for locations with multiple operators
  • Micrometer regulation knobs for depth and spacing adjustments; fast, easy, and precise
  • Sleek body style but with heavy-duty construction that reduces vibration and noise
  • Cobalt steel cutter ensures smooth, clean cuts and extended service life
  • Bright built-in light illuminates working area
  • On/Off switch and deburring brush button conveniently located on the left side for safe and easy access.
  • 110V standard; 1/4 Hp, 1725 rpm
  • 14''W x 171⁄2''D x 111⁄2''H (36 cm x 45 cm x 29 cm)
  • 61 lbs. (27.7 kg)
    Meets OSHA and CSA/NRL/C* Requirements 

This key cutting machine is good for duplicating standard edge cut keys, including:
  • Airplane Keys
  • ATV Keys
  • Automotive Keys
  • Boat Keys
  • Commercial Keys
  • Equipment Keys
  • Furniture Keys
  • Golf Cart Keys
  • Hotel Keys
  • House Keys
  • Mailbox Keys
  • Motorcycle, Moped and Scooter Keys
  • Padlock Keys
  • Residential Keys
  • RV and Camper Keys
  • Store Door Keys
  • Tool Box Keys
  • Truck and Tractor Keys

Key machines are not returnable.
If you have any questions, please ask before making your purchase.


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