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All machines shown below come with a full two year factory warranty.

Flash 008 Key Machine
Standard Duty.  Manually operated key machine
Lightweight, Compact, Portable‚Ķ this mechanical, edge cut key duplicator model is an ideal choice for on-site, mobile jobs or counter tops where space may be limited.  The Flash 008 will easily duplicate most edge cut cylinder, cruciform, large bow and long blade keys; including the larger, oversize style automotive keys.

Speed 045 Key Machine
Heavy Duty.  Manually operated key machine
Designed for duplicating edge cut/flat style keys, the Speed 045 offers accurate and economical key cutting. This manual model is an ideal basic duplicator for any key cutting outlet.

Speed 044 Key Machine

Heavy Duty.  Semi automatic operated key machine
Once keys are loaded, the spring loaded carriage is engaged by the press of a button. The lever is then moved manually to control the carriage movement during the cutting cycle. The Speed 044 Semi-Automatic is loaded with features that any user will readily appreciate.

Speed 040 Key Machine
Heavy Duty.  Automatic and Manually operated key machine
The Speed 040 is primarily an automatic model that also provides the flexibility to be operated manually when desired to duplicate edge cut/flat style keys accurately.  The Speed 040 is the perfect choice for the store or shop wanting the versatility to choose between automatic or manual operation. This versatile operational mode combined with the modern, open style and many additional features will provide users with years of service.

Choose Your Key Blanks
Each specialized key blank assortment contains 10 each of 20 different keys,
for a total of 200 keys.

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