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Silca Bravo III


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Silca Bravo III semi-automatic operated key machine
A high quality, sturdy key duplicator designed to deliver years of service, the Bravo III with EZ-Jaw® is a high precision, heavy-duty semi-automatic key machine.

Lever operated, the Bravo III features EZ-Jaw® four-position vise jaws, offering exceptional key gripping ability. The EZ-Jaw® can be quickly rotated from one clamping position to the next without lifting.

  • Wide spacing between vise jaws accommodates longer keys, and those with large heads.
  • Four-position EZ-Jaw® vise jaws securely grip residential, commercial, and automotive keys, including double-sided types, without the need for adapters.
  • EZ-Jaw® vise jaws rotate from one position to another without lifting.
  • Carriage is spring loaded, provides consistent cutting pressure, and reduces potential for miscuts.
  • Automatic cutter start feature; activated by raising and lowering carriage.
  • Depth adjustment is accomplished using a refined dial type configuration; easy to calibrate and accurate, repeatable results.
  • Carriage release button is activated only when the key gauges are in the down position, preventing potential contact with the cutter.
  • Two carriage shafts ensure sensitivity and precision in the cutting operation.
  • "Soft-touch" nylon deburring brush.
  • Key machines are NOT RETURNABLE.
    If you have any questions, please ask before making your purchase.
This key cutting machine is good for duplicating standard edge cut keys, including:
  • Airplane Keys
  • ATV Keys
  • Automotive Keys
  • Boat Keys
  • Commercial Keys
  • Equipment Keys
  • Furniture Keys
  • Golf Cart Keys
  • Hotel Keys
  • House Keys
  • Mailbox Keys
  • Motorcycle, Moped and Scooter Keys
  • Padlock Keys
  • Residential Keys
  • RV and Camper Keys
  • Store Door Keys
  • Tool Box Keys
  • Truck and Tractor Keys
  • 120VAC-60Hz.
  • Weighs 47 pounds.
  • Measures 15" Wide X 20" Deep X 10" High.
Choosing a key cutting machine
  • Manually Operated Key Machines.
    Easy to use
    The operator is hands on from start to finish while cutting the key.
    After loading the original key and the blank key, the operator is required to push the key up into the tracer/cutter and to slide it
    back and forth to duplicate the key. 
  • Semi Automatic Operated Key Machines.
    Easier to Use
    The operator is hands on from start to finish while cutting the key.
    After loading the original key and the blank, the operated releases the spring loaded carriage and traces the key using a lever.
    Unlike a manually operated key machine, the operator does not have to push the key up into the cutter as the spring loaded
    carriage does this for you.  Semi automatic key machines also use a lever to control the side to side cutting action is much easier on the hands.
  • Automatically Operated Key Machines.
    Easiest to Use.
    After loading the original key and the blank, the operator presses a button and the machine takes over to cut the key automatically.
    The operator is only required to load the original key and the blank key and to press a button to start the key cutting process.


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