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Silca Speed 040 Tune Up Kit


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The replacement parts in this Tune Up Kit will ONLY work with an
Silca brand Speed 040 key machine.

This Tune Up Kit includes the following OEM parts:

  • Cutting Wheel (BC0599XXXX)
    Cutters become dull over time and need replacing. 
    If your cutter is missing teeth, or just cutting slow, it's time to replace it.
    Buy only the cutting wheel here.

  • Drive Belt (BJ1141XXXX)
    Drive belts lose their elasticity and grip over time, eventually breaking. 
    If you're belt isn't gripping the motor and cutter pulleys the way it should, you will lose power and your key cutting time will become longer.
    Buy only the drive belt here.

  • Cutter Guide (BJ1161XXXX)
    Guides become dull and lose their sharp/smooth edge. 
    It's a good idea to replace both the cutter and cutter guide when calibrating your machine.
    Buy only the cutter guide here.

  • Deburring Wheel (BJ0929XXXX)
    No bristles left on your brush or too short to be effective?  Replace it.
    Buy only the deburring wheel here.


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Made with Pride in the U.S.A.

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