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This replacement car key fits the following vehicles
  • Toyota
    • Toyota Highlander, 2008-2013
Tips for choosing your replacement fob, remote or smart key
  1. Have your fob, remote or smart key in hand.
  2. Look for an FCC number on the fob, remote or smart key.
  3. This item will work if your FCC number is HYQ14AAB and looks like the image shown above.
    • If you don't have an FCC number, contact your local dealership to obtain a part number.
    • This fob, remote or smart key works with the following OEM part numbers:
      • 89904-48110
Programming and Key Cutting Procedures
  • This fob, remote or smart key must be programmed into your vehicle before it will work.
    Once properly programmed, this fob, remote or smart key will operate and function the same as the original factory unit.
  • We suggest getting your fob, remote or smart key cut and programmed at your local automotive locksmith or dealership.
Additional Information
  • ILCO brand replacement Toyota 4 Button (4B7) Proximity Keyless Entry Key.
  • Includes emergency J key.
  • Electronic Board #:  271451-0140.
  • Uses a standard CR1620 battery.
  • This item is also known as a FOBIK (Finger Operated Button Integrated Key), smart key remote, proximity key, keyless remote entry fob, keyless entry and remote key.
  • This item is only returnable if it is still in the original unopened bag.
This car key works with the following vehicles
  • Replacement 2008 Toyota Highlander Car Key
  • Replacement 2009 Toyota Highlander Car Key
  • Replacement 2010 Toyota Highlander Car Key
  • Replacement 2011 Toyota Highlander Car Key
  • Replacement 2012 Toyota Highlander Car Key
  • Replacement 2013 Toyota Highlander Car Key
We're proud to sell ILCO brand key blanks.

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