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5 to 9$0.80
10 to 49$0.40
50 or more$0.32
This key blank fits various products by the following manufacturers
  • Alpha
  • American Devices
  • Belwith
  • Buffalo
  • Chateau
  • Cisa
  • Emtek
  • First Watch
  • Hard
  • Harp
  • Hon
  • Ideal Security
  • Ludell
  • Lyon
  • Mills
    • Various products, including games, using key codes between:
      • 13M0001-13M1000
  • On Guard
  • Public Storage
  • Rabbit
  • Rickenbacker
    • Various 1920's models using key codes between:
      • SC100-SC725
  • Ronis
  • Spartan
  • Tire Locks
  • Tok
  • Triangle
  • Yale
    • Various products, including desk, file cabinets and games, using key codes between:
      • 25F01-39F99
      • F1-F3
      • F19
      • F39
      • 13M0001-13M1000
  • Zaths Bakol
Confirming the key you're choosing is correct
  • Information found above is to be used as a GUIDE ONLY.
  • Although the applications shown above will fit those that are listed, there may be similar models that use different key blanks.
  • To ensure you buy the correct key blank, we strongly recommend comparing groove patterns of your current key against the image shown above.  If you're still not sure...
    • Actual size line drawings and groove pattern profiles are available in our manufactures directory. 
      To access this directory and view these drawings, follow the instructions on the Check the Profile page FIRST.
    • Once you understand how to check the profile, Click Here to find this key under Yale.
Key Cutting
  • This key needs to be cut before it will work.
  • This key can be duplicated using a standard key cutting machine found at most hardware stores, dealerships and locksmiths.
Key Blank Information
  • Brass.
  • Various key blank manufacturers may call this key by a different part number.  Some examples are:
    • Axxess 61
    • Cole Y52
    • Curtis Y-52
    • Dominion 7E
    • ESP Y52
    • Ilco 997E
    • Ilco EZ Y52
    • Jet Y52
    • JMA YA-13D
    • Original E13E3R
    • Orion YAL12
    • Silca YA3
    • Star 5YA6
    • Taylor 7E
We're proud to sell American made ILCO brand key blanks.
While other companies sell cheap overseas products, we're proud to sell high quality ILCO brand key blanks made right in Rocky Mount North Carolina.

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