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Our experience is the key to your success.

KeyBlankSales is committed to providing key blanks and professional grade equipment to the public with some of the lowest prices found on the web. 

Our long family history of excellence in the locksmithing field brings over 40 years of real world, key cutting experience to our customers who wish to expand their existing business or to simply cut their own keys to save time and money.

We proudly sell ILCO, Silca and JMA key blanks and equipment, as well as many useful accessories by Lucky Line Products.  We provide many hard to find items and we sell to everyone with no account needed.

Our commitment to excellence, knowledge of the equipment we sell,  and the pride in our company combine to make KeyBlankSales the best choice for those who wish to move forward in the key cutting business using only quality, professional grade products at great prices.

Our History

Our first website was built in 1997 and focused on selling safes. In 1999, we built our first eCommerce website, expanded our inventory and renamed our website to  We expanded our inventory and quickly grew from fire and burglary safes to locksmith and security hardware. 

In 2001, we added a handful of key blanks and key machines to our website.  We started with popular key blanks and quickly realized that adding key blanks to our website became a daily task.  15 years later, and we're still uploading key blanks and other products to our online store on a weekly basis.

Increasing our key blank inventory soon became a full time job.  We were selling more key blanks than all other items on MySecurityPro combined.  In 2003, we decided to focus on selling key blanks and key machines only.  This was the year KeyBlankSales was born.  In 2003, MySecurityPro became KeyBlankSales, and that was the year our business exploded.

Our current inventory focuses on products targeted to those who cut keys.  It also includes standard and high security key cutting machines, key machine parts, transponder key programmers and cloners, key blank accessories, manuals and directories, stamping and engraving equipment, and even key racks and merchandisers. 

In 2016, we shipped our 100,000 order.  
We're proud of what we've accomplished in such a short period of time, and if weren't for our customers, you wouldn't be reading this.