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Keep your searches SIMPLE.
  • Use as few words as possible. 
    Don't use extra keywords like brass, Ilco, keys, key blank, wholesale, 250 pack, etc.
  • Use one part number only. 
    If you have both an ILCO part number and an ILCO EZ part number, use either part number for each search query.
  • If searching for vehicle keys, try using only the make and model of your vehicle. 
  • When searching for non vehicle keys, try typing only the name that is on your key. 

I still can't find my key.  What do I do?
Since describing key blanks by their look, appearance and/or groove pattern is nearly impossible, w
e offer NO phone support when it comes to key identificationForward clear images of the front and back of the key, along with any/all information relating to what it fits and send them to  If we have something we believe will work, we'll reply with a link to the product page.

What key machine is best for me?
With over 40 years experience in cutting keys, we can answer questions you may have regarding key duplication.  If you've never used a key machine before, we recommend phoning us for a recommendation.    After discussing your needs, we can usually recommend some machines for you to further research.  If you have any questions, give us a call at (856) 218-4642

I received an email saying my order was cancelled.  Why?
If your billing information comes back incorrect, your order is automatically cancelled.  Editing a completed order is not possible, so at this point the order gets deleted and you start over.  We're doing this to prevent unauthorized transactions and to reduce internet fraud

I ordered a key and it looks different than the one you have pictured.  Why?
Images are for reference ONLY. 
They are there to show groove patterns and profiles only.  We reserve the right to substitute blanks from other name brand manufacturers to prevent delaying your order.  We guarantee the blank we send you is equivalent to the one you saw pictured, or we will refund your order.

Do you stock everything shown online?
Although we stock hundreds of thousands of key blanks, we don't stock everything.  We place orders everyday, so if there is something we don't stock, or don't have the quantity you ordered on hand, we can usually have it in 1-5 business days.

When can I expect to receive my order?
Most in stock orders sent UPS ship same day if placed by 3:00 p.m.  Most in stock orders sent USPS ship same day if placed by 2:00 p.m.  USPS Priority mail is usually received in 3 business days or less, while UPS can be 1-6 business days.

I ordered the wrong key blanks.  What do I do?
Send them back and reorder the correct blanks.  A 10% restocking fee is charged, and does not include any shipping charges.  If you have any questions on which blank to buy, please ask before buying to avoid restocking fees and delays.

Will you ship to an address other than my billing address?
Yes, as long as it is an authorized secondary address.  We suggest using PayPal if you are shipping to an address other than the billing address.  PayPal allows you to enter additional ship to addresses.  It's free, easy to use, reduces fraud...and you can use your existing credit card.

If I scan a copy of my key and fax it to you, can you tell me which blank I need?
No.  Most faxes of scans come through as a solid black object, so generally, they do not work.  If you took a scan of your key, send it as an email attachment.

Do you ship worldwide?
Yes.  We will only ship orders outside of the country to the billing address or verified PayPal addresses only.  If you credit card company/PayPal does not participate in the address verification program, our policy is to cancel the order.

When will my card be charged?
Your card is charged when your order is shipped.  The rule to the exception are items that are currently out of stock or ANY product that needs to be custom or back ordered.  You will be notified of any back order and told an approximate date for delivery of such items. 

If I don't like it, can I return it?
In stock products are returnable with a 10% restocking fee
, plus the initial shipping expenses incurred in shipping the product(s) from us to you. You will also be required to return the product(s) to us at your expense. If you have any questions on any product(s) found on this site, please ask before making your purchase. We want to do everything possible to avoid any type of return. 

Rules to the exception are:

  • Key machines
  • Special orders of ANY kind, including non stocked blanks brought in for you
  • Literature
  • Cut key blanks
  • Partial quantities
  • Individually packaged keys such as VATS, PATS, and Transponder keys are only returnable if still in unopened, unaltered packaging
  • Close outs or specials
I bought a key machine and am now having problems.  What do I do?
If it is under warranty, the machine can be sent back to the factory for repairs.  Contact us for the companies phone number.  Have your receipt for the machine in hand, the machines serial number and call the factory and speak with someone in Tech Support.  If they are unable to resolve your issues over the phone, they will have you send in the machine (at your expense) to be repaired.  If it is under warranty, it will most likely be a free repair.  If it is out of warranty, they will charge you for it.  Before sending your machine, ask if the repair will have a cost.