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This is the best service I have got from any online items I ordered. It was very informative how to order the right key for my vintage motorcycle, I had ordered once from ebay which was expensive and also was shipped a few days later.

But I was amazed at the speed it was handled at mysecuritypro, Half an hour or so after I made the order in the afternoon I got an email that my keys were shipped, Next day morning I got the keys. Keep up the good work.



We already got the keys that I ordered on Friday.  If there is somewhere that I can put in a customer review, I would be happy to tell people how great your service is with quick shipping and helpful staff!


You folks run a great business.  Your website is wonderful: Easy to search, easy to view the selection, easy to get the pricing, and easy to select the quantity to buy.  You have a very complete inventory, great prices, and the ordering process could not be easier.  You ship quickly and accurately, you don’t have excessive and phony “shipping and handling” charges, and I have always been pleased with the orders when received.  I am sincere when I tell you ordering from KeyBlankSales is truly the best on-line shopping experience I have ever had – from any site – any business.  You are not just my first choice for key blanks – You are my ONLY choice.   

So I sent you a pic of my key. 2 secs later you send me a pic of what you think my key looks like. Looked good so two secs later I order two.  They show up faster than I thought they would. 

Went to my local hardware. They said they'll cut one of them for me to try. They cut it for free. 

Worked beautifully.

Thanks for saving me $50.00 + bucks :  )


Let  me start be saying the key machine we purchased from you works great and has already paid for itself with my first order of key blanks.  We no longer have to get in the van go to the locksmith, wait for the unfriendly guy behind the counter to decide he wants to help you, then pay  2.00 for the keys that he just cut in 15 seconds, then drive back.  Gas and time along would more than pay for the key machine. 


I recently placed an order for five (5) key blanks for my 1969 Rolls Royce Silver Shadow.  First of all, I was surprised that you had them!  And second of all, I was surprised by the cost!  They have to be the least expensive parts for the car that I have ever bought. 

So the whole purpose for this note is to tell you thanks for the affordable product and the prompt delivery.



Just wanted to thank you guys for the great service and speedy delivery.  I tried to get these keys from locksmiths, from the place I bought the lock, and many other places.  I was told they were "foreign" keys, and not available.   Last resort, I went to the internet and found you guys.

You had the key blank, you didn't rip me off, and the keys were here in a couple of days.

Thanks again

From now on, I will look here first.


Just like to say thanks for my order of GM, B45 S1098H blanks. They arrived within 7 days from the USofA to U.K .  I have had these blanks on order from a British company for 2 months.  It's good to deal with a company that cares for the customer
once again thanks

You guys are the FASTEST folks I've ever seen
I send a question.  You send an answer.
I send an order.  You send it out.  All within ONE HOUR!

Thanks -- I've been frustrated for years at sending questions to vendors on the internet.  I'm TRYING to spend money with them, they ignore me and NEVER answer!

Thanks for putting SPECIAL back into customer service!



I just wanted to say Thank You for the great service I have received from your company. The fast turnaround time from order to arrival is awesome.. We hope to do more and more business with you in the future. We buy from a lot of different wholesalers, but I can rely on you guys when I need it yesterday. Knowing this takes a lot of stress off us at night.

We never really sold the colored and themed keys before. Now we cant keep enough in stock.

Thanks again

I love this company. I ordered key blanks on Saturday morning and they

were in my mailbox on Monday. That's fast!!!!

Got my 045 machine today, thanks for the recommendation, now I have 008 and 045 that I purchased from you and I am very satisfied with both.

Very exciting to find this rare key blank. Thanks, New Jersey! We own 3 classic cars and belong to some web clubs full of folks who will be glad to find you. I plan to post your website there for all the other classic lovers

Great service. Thanks.I just wanted to take a moment to let you know that I was extremely impressed by your team's customer service.  My order consisted simply of two key blanks for a Yamaha motorcycle, but I was given excellent service nonetheless.  The order seemed like it was processed immediately and was shipped the same day!  Now that is SERVICE!  Apparently, most of today's companies have lost the "service" attitude, or so it seems.  I supervise a  manufacturing company that contracts for the government and I know how important service is.  So, in closing, my order was processed in a timely manner, my package arrived earlier then expected, my order was correct, and the customer - me was satisfied.

Great site - very informative.  Many thanks for getting back so quickly and for the information & suggestions. It would be a pleasure to have you use the email as testimonial. Your requesting permission up front is further evidence of your putting the customer first.  I am most impressed.

Thanks again for being so helpful and rapidly responsive.

regards & thanks,

I wanted to take the time to thank you for all of the time you spent helping with a CES key blank. I have finally found a blank that works.  I appreciate a "true" professional who takes pride in their craft ..a commodity that is rarely seen anymore.
Thank you!

Thanks for helping me find the correct blank.  YH37 was correct and I just completed placing the order.  Thanks again for your patience.  I wish I could expect this type of customer service from every company I deal with.


To say I appreciate your candor would be an understatement.  You may be assured that when I need other stuff you will be the seller.  An honest man is appreciated and admired.  You will be hearing from us in the future.

Thanks for your help in getting me the boat key blanks I need and for the education in key blanks.  I just ordered 10 from you. Thanks for your excellent service.



I have been with you since the beginning and appreciate each and every time you upload blanks for me not found online.  Buying key blanks from one place is not only convenient, but also saves us money.  Plus your blanks are very competitive and your selection is second to none. 

I never realized the money that could be made in providing duplicate keys for motorcycle and the heavy truck equipment keys. I turned these keys away time and time again until a guy came back a second time and said he couldn't find them anywhere and needs these keys for his equipment.  Not only do they cut like regular keys, but they are selling anywhere from $2.00 to $20.00 each.  Some of them you don't even have to cut!  You mentioned supply and demand and I thought you were full of it.  I was wrong.  And I continue to be proven wrong on a weekly basis.
The other thing that baffles me is how well the NFL and NASCAR keys are selling.  Just because I don't like them doesn't mean others don't.  I now love them because of the extra money they make me.
Your newsletter is good.  It has greatly improved with the tips on making more money section.  It is here I read about the value of certain keys, and how others like me are making money in different ways.  Each month introduces me into someone elses world and gives me new ideas on how to make more money.
Feel free to pass this along.  Maybe others can benefit from my experience also.

I would just like to take a moment and thank you for everything you have done in making my life alot easier.  We cut a ton of Heavy Duty truck keys and were buying them from here, there, and everywhere.  I stumbled across your site and was impressed with the amount of keys I saw.  You had very few truck keys though. I made a phone call and spoke with Harry who said he would create a catagory just for this purpose.  He asked me which blanks I was looking for and told me he would put them on his site.  Within 2 days, a whole NEW catagory was created and loaded with the keys I use on a daily basis. 
This is customer service.  This is exactly what is needed in todays world.  Harry, you are a great person to deal with and I am sure you will succeed with the customer service and GREAT prices you provide.

I have been doing business with with your company for the past several months and I have been thoroughly impressed with the exceptional customer service you provide.  I have requested specific keys and types of keys on several occasions and you have always been able to supply the needed key blanks and quickly added them to the ordering pages of your web site.  Your exceptionally fast handling of all my requests has made me a regular customer.  Additionally, your speed in shipping orders has ensured that I have had the key blanks I need to satisfy my customer needs.
Thank you for your superb customer orientation and support!

Thanks for your quick attention and excellent customer service. It was a pleasure dealing with you and I would not hesitate to do so again.

I really do appreciate everything, and if I ever need anything in the future you can be sure you'll get my business. It's always good to see people like yourself who are dedicated to their customers. I hope your sales keep increasing.